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Do you want an unbelievably life-like screen image? DIRECTV broadcasts the best in HD programming and offers the finest High Definition (HDTV) experience with stunning picture quality, crisp sound, and in-demand programming. Our selection of HD broadcasts, equipment and services make choosing DIRECTV HD as simple and crystal clear as the picture we provide. The picture is 5 to 10 times clearer and the widescreen format feels like a movie screen. Add amazingly sharp audio and you get a realistic and theater-like experiece. Now you can finally watch TV the way it was meant to be seen!


It's easy to start enjoying the best in HD television from DIRECTV.

Here's all you'll need:

  • An HD-Ready Television Set
    DIRECTV HD equipment will work with any HD-ready television.
  • A DIRECTV® HD System
    (DIRECTV® HD Receiver + Multi-Satellite Dish)

To enjoy our wide variety of high-definition and standard-definition programming, you'll need:

  • A DIRECTV® HD Receiver or the all-new DIRECTV® HD DVR.
  • An 18"x20" DIRECTV Multi-Satellite Dish.
  • Off-air Antenna (optional)
  • An off-air antenna allows you to access major broadcast networks' (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) HD prime-time programming available in your area.* See a list of cities where DIRECTV makes the off-air antenna option available with purchase of the DIRECTV HD System

Additional HD programming includes special events and even some adult programming such as Spice HD.

Three things to make it a go:

  • DIRECTV HD service - the TV station needs to be broadcasting in HD
  • DIRECTV HD equipment including satellite dish and receiver equipment to receive and view HD*
  • an HD-ready television

Simply order an HD receiver and activate the HD Access option ($9.99 per month) to get access to both the DIRECT TV HD programming package and your base programming package. Order now and get a FREE HD RECEIVER UPGRADE - after $99 instant online rebate.

Call us toll free at  800-431-8277 and let our Experts take care of everything!

DIRECTV HD DVR - the best of both worlds!

Take your HD viewing experience to a new level of satisfaction with the DIRECTV HD DVR, combining the clarity of HD with the convenience, choice and control of Digital Video Recording (DVR). Watch High Definition television however and whenever you want! The glorious picture quality and the numerous interactive features will surely win you over and you'll never want to go back!

HD at a glance ... what's in it for you?

DIRECTV HD programming gives you access to your favorite shows, movies, sports and events broadcast in HD on a wide variety of channels. DIRECTV is also making HD local channels (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, PBS and CW) available in a growing number of cities as well as some Regional Sports Network (RSN) games. Imagine your favorite programs in stunning HD!

    delivers the best line-up of entertainment, news, and quality sports events including SportsCenter in HD. Tune in to watch your favorite games from the NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL.
  • ESPN2 HD
    watch over 200 live telecasts of events such as college football and basketball, the NBA, the NHRA and World Cup Soccer. The channel will also air NFL Live and other special programs such as Codebreakers and Four Minutes.
  • Discovery HD Theater
    is a complete powerhouse of entertainment delivering theater-like picture quality and awe-inspiring High Definition television in pure 1080i and 5.1 digital surround sound. Already delivering to millions of viewers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Discovery HD Theater is best known for offering entertainment through High Definition programs related to travel, wildlife, history, culture, science and technology.
  • HDNet Movies
    is perfect if you are a movie buff! The HDNet Movies feature the best collection from Warner Bros., Paramount, Sony etc. It also includes movies from other major studios as well as leading independent producers. HDNet Movies delivers a 24-hour schedule of uncut, unedited films in their original aspect ratio and 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound.
  • HD Net
    delivers a wide assortment of sports, concerts, drama series and original news. This 24-hour network features live sports like NHL and MLS games as well as boxing. Documentary programming includes HDNet World Report and Across America.
  • Universal HD
    caters to movie fans who will love Universal HD. Bring back old memories with all-time blockbuster films completely unedited and uninterrupted, including Backdraft, Back to the Future and Jaws. Watch your favorite award-winning series including Battlestar Galactica, The District, Law & Order: SVU and Monk. Add to the list mesmerizing performance arts like Cirque du Soleil as well as sports favorites such as the U.S. Open - all on Univeral HD.
  • TNT HD
    boasts a fantastic line-up of hit movies, original series and championship sports. TNT in HD offers the most sought-after drama series like The Closer to action-packed sports like NASCAR and the NBA. This is your chance to experience high drama in High Definition.
  • HD Pay Per View
    Channel 99 is a Pay Per View channel offering hit movies for $4.99 each when ordered online or via remote control. Big events are also available in certain areas.
  • HD Premium Movie Channels
    The DIRECTV HD Programming Package is just part of DIRECTV's commitment to High Definition television. DIRECTV continues to expand local channels in HD offering free HD channels from the major networks (ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC) along with your programming package at no additional cost.
  • HD Regional Sports
    Want to watch your local teams in HD? Great news! DIRECTV carries your local sports teams in HD.

Why wait? Call Impact Direct Inc toll free at 866-431-8277

*In cities where local off-air HD programs are available, off-air antenna required; reception may vary based on geographic location. Programs not delivered in HD in all markets. Eligibility for local channels based on service address.

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